A homage to the great moments that changed visual effects: Took a little while to put together but I think its conveys the evolution of visual effects quite well. I tired to the best of my ability to order these clips chronologically (except for of course the first 3) I will put together a full list if enough people want it. On a separate note, if anyone is looking for an editor who can work quickly and effectively please send me an email here : thepadtech@gmail.com (I’m currently looking for any work I can get) Thanks for your Support! http://ift.tt/1v5swzM

This is the mirrored version of this dance, I’m not dancing in any of these unless I say so. Also I don’t own any of the music. tutorial? this is´╗┐ basically that. just learn a bit parts at a time. Example: Learn the first 30 seconds in like an hour or so, then move on. If you have trouble moving anything or something looks/feels wrong, practice infront of a mirror or record yourself of that certain part to correct it.